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Private Equity

At LUQMAN WEISE CAPITAL we take an innovative approach to private equity that enables us to deliver a high growing portfolio for our investors while limiting their risk exposure. Based on our 3S (SENSING, SEIZING, and SECURING) approach to analyzing investments and building on our proprietary Capability Based Investment (CBI) process we are developing a novel artificial intelligence (AI) platform that enables us to detect and assess the likelihood of success of early stage ventures. Through this highly structured approach for assessing new businesses we are able not only understand their financial efficacy but also to determine their social impact. By deploying this balanced technique for evaluating firms we open a world of opportunities for our investors thus enabling them to realize their aspirations for supporting the “next greats” who will ultimately shape the future of generations to come.


  • Applications /
    Manual Sourcing

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  • Deal Sourcing Engine
    (AI assisted)

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  • Analytics and DD
    (part AI)

    • Social DD

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    • Mgmt. Interview

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  • Term Sheet and Investment

    Value Add


  • KPI monitoring
    (Proprietary Platform)

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  • Exit Sourcing Engine
    (AI assisted)

Portfolio company
Direct and Indirect Investments

Real estate tech-based in Egypt

Develops and provides the world’s only software TEE security platform for mobile and IoT devices, delivering hardware-grade protection without the complexity and constraints.

Develops and provides SaaS for Natural Language business intelligence

PeopleFund is Korea’s leading P2P lending platform that delivers alternative financial products through state of the art Fintech

The first Italian manufacturer of superior writing instruments that was found in 1912

Develops and provides SaaS for HR departments that optimize/automate HR operations
*Through 500 Startups Japan SPV.

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