The Investment Company


At LUQMAN WEISE CAPITAL our core belief is that with every investment comes a responsibility. We understand that with every decision we make we are entrusted with a client's interests, and we are obligated to handle them fairly and with the highest of ethical standards. We know that on the other side of every investment are partners, fellow shareholders, a management team, and a global financial community who deserve our respect, honesty, and integrity. To us, investment extends beyond revenue generation to encompass the creation of value.

We focus on creating, preserving and enhancing our clients' wealth. Our investment approach is a greatly proactive one based on customised portfolios with high level personalised and expert management. We make it our mission to fully account for all our clients' investment objectives including: requirements for income; taxes, investment structures; estate and trust planning; socially responsible mandates; and philanthropy. While preserving these traditional investment values our firm is keen on applying entrepreneurial, innovative forward-thinking to capture the best of today’s opportunities for our clients.

At LUQMAN WEISE CAPITAL the cornerstone of our philosophy is building a trusting relationship with all our partners. Through delivering customised highly client sensitive investment strategies we aim to build trust in our judgment and integrity. Our focus is to deliver a "no-nonsense" approach to investment. We pride ourselves on being able to clearly communicate our investment strategy to our clients enabling them to fully grasp the underlying capabilities comprising their portfolios. We believe that our uniqueness extends from our creativity, agility, integrity, and a deep understanding of the reality of financial markets.

About US

LUQMAN WEISE CAPITAL is a private investment fund aimed at engineering investment portfolios that go beyond traditional wealth management offerings. We provide objective, informed and unbiased investment advice to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI), families, endowments, trustees, and charities.

We are an independently owned investment business with no ties to any investment or retail bank, or institutional shareholding, and with no dominant client. We have no bias towards any asset class, and invest in a diverse range of bonds, quoted and unquoted investments, private equity funds, early stage ventures, and commercial and residential property.
Hedge Fund
Private Equity
At LUQMAN WEISE CAPITAL we combine traditional investment values with an innovative approach to capture the best market opportunities. As a multi-strategy platform, we seek to engineer investment portfolios that leverage our specific areas of expertise. Our strategies do not compete with each other, and our managers remain fully conscious of firm-wide risks through regular discussions and a shared infrastructure platform that has been uniquely designed for a select number of asset managers worldwide.

A key feature of our investment strategy is the full understanding of all underlying assets accessed by our portfolios, and our ability to ensure that these assets are compatible with one another. We invest tactically in equities, fixed income, real estate, commodities, private equity, and select funds. Our objective is to build and maintain a diverse investment portfolio that: operates globally, is resilient to economic downturn, and produces long-term healthy growth.

We believe that we create a unique value offering for our investors by:

Mitigating Uninformed Risks
Uninformed risk can have a detrimental impact on wealth and it is our main mission to mitigate these risks. We ensure that our clients are protected from investment risks, portfolio risks, and hidden costs and charges.

Maximizing Returns
Maximizing our clients’ return is our key objective in order to grow our clients’ wealth steadily. We ensure that our clients’ investment objectives are fully accounted for, and that their portfolios are actively managed. Clients can rely on a strong management team that is dedicated to engineering, overseeing, and efficiently managing their personalised portfolios diligently.

Operating Transparently
While we take great pride in our investment strategy we do not forget that every transaction we conduct must be deeply rooted in our investment principles. We continue to remain dedicated to building long-term relationships that create, safeguard and build our clients’ wealth. Our operation is based on integrity, honesty, and full transparency at all times. We approach the investment process as a team co-investing with all our investors to demonstrate our commitment and belief in our portfolio.

Delivering Results
We strive to deliver clearer market understanding; insightful and simple analysis; increased efficiencies and reduced costs; and a strong working partnership that is personalised to our investors’ needs. We simply understand that investment is personal, and greatly value our clients’ trust, and the opportunity to assist them. We continue to make it our mission to deliver simple investment solutions to a complex financial market.
At LUQMAN WEISE CAPITAL we seek to build diversified portfolios that match our clients’ risk appetite as well as their interests. Our private equity arm is focused on delivering a high growth portfolio for our investors while fully grasping the risks that come with these investments. Our investment team applies a unique capability-based investment assessment technique that enables the identification of exceptional investment opportunities in small and emerging companies.

Through our powerful global network of business, technology and innovation experts we are able to fully understand and appreciate the nature of companies that we choose to engage with. We approach such companies as partners with a keen interest in contributing to their business concepts and success.

We take interest in every investment we make in private companies, and consider it a key element of our operation to build a collaborative and transparent relationship between these companies and our investors. At LUQMAN WEISE CAPITAL it is our mission to go beyond simple investment and assist our visionary investors in supporting the “next greats” who shape the future of generations to come.