Our Philosophy

At LUQMAN WEISE CAPITAL we understand that investment is a personal matter. We believe that a client’s portfolio is a realization of their vision, interests, and risk appetite. Hence, we deliver customized solutions, specialized expertise, and responsive services that enable our clients to play an active role in ensuring that their investment portfolios meet their aspirations. Through the aid of our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm we can accommodate all our clients’ needs and deliver the superior performance that can both preserve and maximize their wealth thus enabling them to gain and maintain the lifestyle they desire.

Our Client

  • Knowing the Circumstance
  • Knowing the Timeline
  • Knowing the Risk Appetite
  • Knowing the Capacity

Value Add non-ffinancial services to clients through Swiss CRM Office

the Right Portfolio

  • Active asset allocation based on our AI platform
  • Clear communication with the clients

the Investment

  • AI assisted asset allocation
  • Setting Appropriate Benchmarks
  • Implementing Currency Strategy
  • Efficient Transaction
  • Exposure Balancing

Private Equity investment exposure through our PE Division

Monitoring &
Reporting Performance

  • Regular Performance Monitoring and reporting
  • Active investment management

Our Activity